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Gloria Beza - Office Manager


Ms. Beza has twenty-three years of experience in customer service and eight years of experience as an insurance agent. She has handled bookkeeping needs and studied at a California Regional Occupational Program. Ms. Beza is an expert at identifying customer needs, communicating effectively, and providing diligent customer service. Maintain independence as to our relationship with our clients and discuss any of these issues or questions with the owner of the firm. Supervise and assist the bookkeeper with your monthly clients. Review monthly financial statements for your section before giving them to the owner for final review. Handle new-client installations and backwork. Provide your clients with the proper consulting and tax planning as their needs dictate. Manage tax preparations for the businesses and personals in your section as well as for any year-end only clients that are assigned to you. Maintain organized income tax files. Give prompt attention to any additional projects/taxes delegated to you. Provide computer support to clients when needed. Offer training to client employees when needed. Take a leading role in expanding additional firm services to our clients. Help make the office a smooth-running and positive place to work.

Education: ROP

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